Superhero Saturday: Iron Man 3 Teasers

Okay, so I don’t have any new stuff for you here that isn’t already on the internet, BUT we need a Superhero Saturday and who better to feature on our site today than….

Don ‘Goddamn he’s a fine, fine actor’ Cheadle, as The Iron Patriot (or they might be calling him War Machine, I dunno which one and I don’t know the damn difference anyway, I’m just excited for the new posters)


I’ve got mad love for Don Cheadle, and I’m sure I’m not the only one here on DTSFT who feels that way.  He’s got impeccable timing no matter what he’s aiming for – comedy, action, drama, he kills it every time.  Okay, maybe not with that cockney accent

There’s also a website called ‘Become Iron Man‘ which at the moment just has a registration service, but hopefully once it’s up and running it’ll be a cool tie-in to the film.


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