Happy Nolan Day!

Yep, that time has come around again folks, and it’s party time in the Hamptons as its resident mafia don and donnette Victoria and Conrad Grayson renew their wedding vows. But as we all know by now, when there’s a party, there’s scandal, and this episode is no exception…

But back to the object of my affection. Nolan has definitely stepped it up with his steppin’ out gear in this rather unusual waistcoat:


It’s got a sort of wrap-around style to it and has 3 pairs of buttons, and it looks tailored, which makes it very flattering to his figure. Although I do think there’s a bit too much black: perhaps if the shirt or tie was a different colour (perhaps the same colour as the blazer, which is gorgeous, by the way) then it would look more eye-catching. Still, he looks on point, as always – and that hair! Perfectly coiffed!


And here he is rocking the ‘jacket over the shoulder’ look

Season 2 Episode 6 (‘Illusion’) is on tonight at 9pm on E4.



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