Superhero Saturday: Danger Mouse

These days, superheroes are normally brooding, strapping men with dark histories that they wish to avenge – I think there’s even, like, a group of people who specifically do avenging and stuff.  But anyway, with the Nolan-esque versions of superheroes taking over cinema and television, it’s important not to forget the hardworking heroes that Britain has provided over the years.  I’m talking about one dashing spy in particular…. no, not James Bond – DANGER MOUSE.


Yeah, that’s right – while Bagpuss was sitting around and sleeping all day, being lazy as shit, our man Danger Mouse was saving the world on a weekly basis.  If it wasn’t Baron Greenback getting all up in his business, it was one of the many other dirty criminal bastards trying to get one over on Danger Mouse; with his trusty (if a little nervous) assistant Penfold – arguable the most bad-ass hamster you’ll ever find – there was nothing that could stop this righteous rodent from kicking some serious cartoon butt, not even “land sharks”:


Don’t act like that couldn’t happen, because it could.  But if it did, we’d have Danger Mouse to save us.

Thank you Danger Mouse, you’re… the bomb *rapturous applause*


No but seriously, run


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