Aimee Mann at the Royal Festival Hall

I am a HUGE Aimee Mann fan. With music I generally have a broad enjoyment of a range of music and artists with a few favourites and Mann is one of these. She rarely comes to the UK but she was in London for one night yesterday. I went with my Dad (I know, I’m so rock ‘n’ roll it’s hard to handle) because I got him to fall for Mann too. If you haven’t heard any of her music you need to sort your life out. STAT.

Aimee Mann performing on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. This is where I first saw her...she later appeared on 'The West Wing' too.

Aimee Mann performing on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. This is where I first saw her…she later appeared on ‘The West Wing’ too.

She is an Oscar-nominated songwriter (but she lost out to this – criminal) and behind most of the Magnolia (1999) soundtrack. Paul Thomas Anderson even stole the first line of her song Deathly to use in the film.

Now that I’ve met you, would you object to never seeing me again?

Mann started out with the group ‘Til Tuesday in the 1980s. I’m a little ashamed to say that I haven’t listened to any of their music… Mann went solo and has massive critical success, if less commercial success than she deserves. She has released eight albums and one Christmas album. I love them all. I do have a soft spot for Lost in Space because it was the first album of hers I bought, and also Magnolia because it is just incredible.

Aimee Mann

This tour concentrated mostly on her “new” (released last September) album Charmer. I didn’t love the previous album @#%&*! Smilers as much as Lost in Space and The Forgotten Arm (plans afoot for a musical) but Charmer is brilliant. Her lyrics are great, the melodies are brilliant and I love her voice. It’s very individual and you can always tell when you can her Mann singing. I’m just including a range of songs below for you, including Wise Up from Magnolia – the iconic moment when the cast sings along.

I hope this encourages you to listen to her incredible music. And bring Mann back to London! Also, her most recent albums all have the most amazing artwork. Really beautiful. I want prints of the Lost in Space album.

Video for the new single Labrador – I love it. And the video has Jon Hamm. What’s not to love?

Save Me, also from Magnolia, performed at the White House. She’s THAT cool.

The song Video from The Forgotten Arm. The whole album is a concept album about a destructive couple. (That’s why it could be made into a musical. It wouldn’t be a Mamma Mia/Viva Forever/We Will Rock You deal.)

S x


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