Saw This And Thought It Was Cool

So I was browsing on Vogue’s website (as you do) and came across this announcement: Vivienne Westwood’s English National Ballet Rebranding. I’ve always love ballet and when I was a student was an associate member of ENB. (My Mum’s taken over now.) The Royal Ballet is a great company but, for me, I’ve always found them a little…snobby? Ballet can be a very snobby world anyway but I find that this is especially true of the RB. I went to see their production of ‘The Nutcracker’ a few years ago (I’ve seen ENB’s and Matthew Bourne’s so I wanted to do all three: traditional, less traditional and definitely not traditional). The ticket that I could reasonably afford was up way way in the ceiling. This can be true of The Coliseum (ENB’s home) as well but I felt much more aware of it at the Royal Opera House. The entire atmosphere was different as well. I enjoyed the performance but definitely find myself more drawn to the performances of the ENB and Matthew Bourne. Except for the Royal Ballet’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. I’ve missed it TWICE and could kick myself. It was also on tv twice. Missed it then. Caught about an hour on iPlayer but no more. (Actually, I just did a check and it’s on in March and April. Book here!)

Back to my point, Vivienne Westwood helping to rebrand ENB. Three photos have been released of dancers from ENB posing in Westwood clothing. It looks amazing and anything that helps to raise ENB’s profile is great by me!

Pretty. Intense.

Pretty. Intense.

Looks Like A Doll Dances Like A Demon.

Looks Like A Doll Dances Like A Demon.

Like Humans, But More Graceful.

Like Humans, But More Graceful.

S x


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