Red Carpet Watch: The London Critics’ Circle Film Awards 2013

Last night was another film award ceremony. For the next month or so I think they’re pretty much all the time. This event didn’t seem to be so widely attended as others so there are only a few red carpet appearances.

Samantha Banks wearing Roland Mouret.

Samantha Banks wearing Roland Mouret. This dress is beautiful. If I could afford Mouret I think I would want my entire wardrobe to be full of his clothing. This dress manages to be low-key but elegant. It suits her perfectly and…I love it. That is all.

Helena Bonham Carter.

Helena Bonham Carter. Classic Bonham Carter. And, if we take the gloves out of the equation, I kind of love it. It doesn’t do anything to make her seem less ‘gothy’ to my Mum but the make-up is very subtle so it makes her seem more ‘approachable’ I guess. You have to give Bonham Carter credit for dressing for her shape and in what she wants to and is comfortable in.

Emily Blunt wearing Alexander McQueen.

Emily Blunt wearing Alexander McQueen. Classic, elegant, statuesque (it’s been a few days since I’ve used it). Perfect.

Olivia Colman.

Olivia Colman. I adore this dress. The lapels make it for me. Anything suit inspired is incredible by my standards. And Colman just looks completely comfortable in it.

Toby Jones.

Toby Jones. I love Jones and his suit is pristine. Lovely matte lapels.

Holly Valance.

Holly Valance. We know I love leopard print but, for me, this is a prime example of too much going on. It is a knee-length, three-quarter sleeve, high-necked leopard print dress. Who looked at it and thought, “we should get something else in there. It looks a little boring.” And then added weird lacy panels. Horrible.

S x


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