My Current Addiction 3

Yeeeeeeah it’s back!

My last ‘current addiction‘ post featured such gems as Pinterest and crochet.  Well, it’s time for another round of mindless blabbering about things I like.

New Look

Plus-size clothing is generally terrible.  It’s one of those things that no-one wants to say out loud, but it needs to be said – the bigger the girl, the harder it is to make fashionable clothes look good on them.  I mean, fashion can be overrated, but when trends such as crop-tops, shorts and backless dresses come around, it’s hard to make those items work for chunky chicks.  I’m not really bothered about fashion (despite writing on a blog with a STYLE EXPERT) but it bothers me that Evans, a leading plus-size high street clothing retailer, is becoming increasingly tailored toward older women, with frumpy, shapeless items dominating the shelves.  Which is why the Inspire range at New Look is taking over as my first choice for clothes shopping.


New Look’s Inspire range even features ‘brands’ like Evans does, except it would seem that Evans keeps turning away the good items and just opting for the crappy, overpriced ones.  Dresses like the one pictured are featured alongside cheaper, more casual styles in a wide range of sizes.  This Christmas when everyone was repping the Christmas jumpers, New Look was there – penguins, reindeers, polar bears, even SANTA was on their jumpers – Evans had a couple of jumpers and cardigans which were back on rotation from about 3 years ago.  They’ve had their chance to step up their game and they’ve failed.

Larger ladies – Evans is dead.  Long live New Look!

One Ingredient All Natural Banana Ice Cream

If you click that title, it will take you to the recipe I’m talking about.  It’s ah-maz-ing.

In short, the recipe is this:

Chop up a banana (it’s better if they’re over-ripe), then freeze them – for them to get properly frozen, it takes about 5 hours.  If they’re still mushy, your ‘ice cream’ is going to be mushy too rather than smooth and creamy.

Once it’s frozen, take it out of the freezer and put the chopped up bits into a blender/chopper (I use a mini chopper, you need to make sure what you’re using is sturdy because at the start, it’s going to have to work hard to chop through the frozen banana).  It’ll take about a minute or two for it to become smooth, but bear with it, it will get there.

Now taste it.

Right?  RIGHT?

I usually add a spoon of peanut butter into mine while it’s blending, because I’m decadent as fuck. But the original recipe was created as a healthy, low calorie alternative to ice cream, and I have to admit it works.  It’s DELICIOUS.  In this current snowy weather, ice cream isn’t really the kind of food people will crave *but* just in case you’re still up for something cold, sweet and tasty… go freeze that chopped up banana!


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