Happy Nolan Day!

(Very, VERY late post from last week’s episode of Revenge due to a fairly busy week – sorry!)

Season 2 of this dark and twisted tale is now under way, and so far, so good. And in last Monday’s episode we got to see just how versatile Nolan Ross can be in terms of style.

Here he is after his ‘virtual’ board meeting at NolCorp, where he meets the smart (and potential love interest?) Padma:

hnd 3

His sweater is very nice and simple, but still has a pop of colour, which is very typical of his character.

But of course that wasn’t the only thing he was wearing, right ladies?

Sorry about the play symbol, best I could do

Sorry about the play symbol, best I could do

Now here he is at his business lunch meeting with Padma:


And again, sorry about the buffering symbol! My laptop was giving me hell!

Just a smart blazer and, hey presto, he’s gone from a ‘working-from-home-in-your-undercrackers-slob to ‘technology businessman’ in seconds. Love it. Just by adding or taking away one thing can instantly change your look, such as now that Padma’s not wearing glasses anymore, she’s no longer a nerdy member of staff but a sexy businesswoman *rolls eyes*

Once again I’m sorry about the late post, but as of tomorrow it will be back on track!



2 thoughts on “Happy Nolan Day!

    • Hi Hannah – Hannah here! Thanks for your comment.

      I adore Nolan. I also love how he sticks by Emily even when she doesn’t need him to. And he looks so good doing it too!

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