Red Carpet Watch: BAFTA Los Angeles 2013 Awards Season Tea Party

This really should have come before the RCW on the Golden Globes but… that’s really a bigger deal than this. So them’s the breaks. But there were some great looks at the BAFTA LA Tea Party – cos nothing says British more than a tea party. That’s actually true.

Berenice Marlohe wearing Escada.

Berenice Marlohe wearing Escada. I adore this. I love Marlohe. I wish I could pull off a jumpsuit. Or afford this one. And she’s got red lipstick. She just officially got added to my list of favourite women. (This is after she made our Women of the Year though so it’s not that exciting.)

Freida Pinto wearing Cue by Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna.

Freida Pinto wearing Cue by Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna. I want to like this but there is so much going on with the print that Pinto looks a bit drowned by the fabric. Maybe if the dress was more fitted she would look less overpowered.

Thandie Newton wearing Temperley London.

Thandie Newton wearing Temperley London. This is a beautiful dress. The sheer panels expose enough flesh to add some interest but without looking too overdressed for a tea party. And the pastel colour is perfect.

Amanda Seyfried wearing Vionnet.

Amanda Seyfried wearing Vionnet. This dress is a grower for me. The best draping can be found in Vionnet dresses and this is true here. The metallic front panel just adds interest, modernity and a little punky nod to the dress.

Jennifer Lawrence wearing Altuzarra.

Jennifer Lawrence wearing Altuzarra. Very business like. Maybe a bit too mature for a 22 year old but I think Lawrence can pull it off. Eyes drawn to the low v-neck and the cinched waist – she knows what she’s doing.

Sienna Miller wearing Valentino.

Sienna Miller wearing Valentino. I mostly like Miller’s choice of fashion but, to me, this dress looks like it’s shrunk in the “wash”. It’s to do with the cropped sleeves. I’m not sure why I see it like that. Maybe it also has something to do with the high neckline?

Eddie Redmayne.

Eddie Redmayne. He’s wearing a velvet jacket! Again! I like the jacket and I like the striped cardigan but I think there’s too much for them to be worn together. One or the other. Particularly as he’s got a pocket square as well. I know, shocking for me to be close to criticising a pocket square.

Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway. I really like this dress. It’s the perfect tea party dress. And it has a great print.

Marion Cotillard wearing Erdem.

Marion Cotillard wearing Erdem. This is the kind of fashion victory I was hoping for Cotillard at the Golden Globes. At least she has been seen looking amazing in an Erdem dress. The weight of the fabric, the print, the shape, it’s all great and looks amazing on Cotillard.

Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper wearing Gucci. Another example of a prediction paying off but slightly falling at the Golden Globes! I have such hopes for you at the Oscars now Cooper! (Not for the Oscar, just for the suit, sorry but no-ones beating Daniel Day-Lewis.) Classic blue suit, with a white/light blue (I can’t tell) shirt. Great.

Michelle Dockery.

Michelle Dockery. A bit boring. The amazing Golden Globes dress was yet to come at this point…despite it coming first on our blog…

Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman. Charcoal grey suit, light grey shirt. Smart, sleek, super cool.

Sally Field.

Sally Field. I love this dress. The colour looks great on Field and the drapery is very flattering. Wonderful choice.

Juno Temple wearing Barbara Bui.

Juno Temple wearing Barbara Bui. I really like Temple but…this dress doesn’t look anything to me. Maybe that’s jut me but it all looks a bit bland. The shoes are quite interesting but…

Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck. Now this is a great grey suit with a lovely pocket square. None of that weird lapel fabric like at the Golden Globes. It’s a really good fit on Affleck too and the thin lapels are a nice touch. But maybe he should wear slightly wider lapels?

S x


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