Superhero Saturday: Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels

OK, so it’s more of a detective cartoon than a superhero, but he’s a big hairy lump that can fly with a club and had an iron clad stomach – that’s pretty super!

Captain caveman 1

I used to watch this show religiously when I was in school. It used to be on Boomerang, but sadly they stopped showing it and I haven’t seen it since.

Captain Caveman couldn’t string a sentence together, but somehow he managed to help the Teen Angels solve mysteries and help catch the bad guys, who always say in the end “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddlin’ kids!”… wait, that’s not right…

Anyhoo, Captain Caveman and his Club of Win were always there to save the day, but of course he couldn’t do it alone.

captain caveman

The Teen Angels were everything I ever wanted to be.dee dee

Dee Dee was ‘the brains’: she was always putting the pieces together and discovering the clues. Taffy was ‘the babe’: she had bouncy blonde hair and whenever she squealed her iconic catchphrase (“Zowee!”) you knew shizz was about to go down fo’ realz, man.taffy

And as for Brenda – ‘the bait’, let’s be honest – she always, always managed to get herself kidnapped by the villain and then the others had to save her, but she did contribute sometimes.

There was another series in the 80s called ‘Captain Caveman and Son’ which was about, um, Captain Caveman and his son, surprisingly enough, but I never watched it so I’m not sure if it was successful. But it does make me wonder, where’s Mrs Captain Caveman?


To finish off, here’s the theme tune to the original cartoon. Don’t forget to shout ‘CAPTAAAIN…CAAAAAAVEMAAAAAAN!!!”

And here’s the end credits too, because the music is AWESOME:



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