Red Carpet Watch: ‘Django Unchained’ London Premiere

So Django Unchained had its London premiere last night. That means that this RCW post isn’t too outdated. Right? Well, I’m not purporting to be a news outlet…

Kerry Washington wearing Giles.

Kerry Washington wearing Giles. This dress is amazing and reminds me of another dress. Sadly, I can’t think who the designer is! I thought it was Alexander McQueen’s spray paint dress (a photoshoot of it). But it wasn’t. Sorry, that was sort of pointless. The main thing is, this dress is great. It’s a great cut, it fits Washington perfectly and I like the horse print, especially because it’s quite subtle.

Samuel L. Jackson wearing Giorgio Armani.

Samuel L. Jackson wearing Giorgio Armani. I’m not a huge fan of this but you can’t argue that it has wonderful fabric, it’s made well and suits Jackson. What more can you ask of fashion?

Quentin Tarantino wearing...a black suit.

Quentin Tarantino wearing…a black suit. Tarantino wearing black comes as no surprise to me. Not sure about the plain black t-shirt though. Surely if you’ve got a nice tux you can wear something nice with it? A t-shirt’s fine but maybe something interesting about it.

Christoph Waltz wearing... a suit.

Christoph Waltz wearing… a suit. Laid back, smart with an awesome tie. I applaud you Waltz. And I really like the shirt.

Jamie Foxx wearing Ozwald Boateng.

Jamie Foxx wearing Ozwald Boateng. You’ve got to be quite a strong man to pull off an Ozwald Boateng suit. Seriously. There is so much going on there. But Foxx manages to pull it off. The purple pinstripe suit itself is fairly striking but when you add that turquoise shirt too…wow. That shirt is possibly my favourite item. Much more generally wearable than a purple pinstriped suit.

I’ve heard good things about the film and Clothes on Film has been raving about Sharen Davis’s costumes so here’s hoping for a good showing when it’s released.

S x


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