Saw This And Thought It Was Cool

I partook in a little shop browsing yesterday and, as always, ended up strolling around Waterstones. Same old, same old. Until I saw this:

'Sherlock' Cluedo

I don’t get a chance to play a lot of board games. I blame my parents. When you’re an only child and a lot of games (such as Cluedo) require three people you need the “agreement” of the whole household to play. This isn’t easy. This leads to a lot of board games played only once or twice. But the Sherlock Cluedo game looks amazing. As does this one:

'Harry Potter' Cluedo

I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan but the idea of combining a film (or tv series) with Cluedo just makes me very excited. That was until I saw some of the reviews for the Sherlock Cluedo. Pretty disappointing.

Reviews for this are still super positive though:

Marvel Monopoly

S x


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