He Could Get It…Martin Freeman

Ah Freeman. Hope I'll never be free, man....

Ah Freeman. Hope I’ll never be free, man….

WHY? Mar Freezy isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘hubba hubba’ but I reckon he’ll figure in a lot of [sweaty] dreams come 2013.

He’s cute as a button, small but perfectly formed with blindingly good acting skillz (see The Hobbit and Sherlock) and his sense of style should be filed under Snappy As Hell.

Martin could probably laugh you into bed – several consecutive times– and charm you into doing whatever he wanted you to do. Footrub? Done. Iron his underwear? Sho’ thang. Hide a body? LET ME GO GET MY HIS N HERS SHOVELS, K?

Above all, it’s the understatedness (yes, this is a word now) of his sexy. There’s something simmering away under the adorable veneer – like wearing nipple clamps under a Christmas jumper.

Now there’s a thought….



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