Columbo TV – When Columbo Fans Take Over Twitter: DECEMBER KUNG FU UNICORN EDITION


Hi folks!

So this month, I’m hosting #ColumboTV!  I’m very excited about it and have already messed up a few times by telling you all a variety of different times.  Here’s the proper details:

December 22nd 2012, 10pm GMT (2pm LOS ANGELES, 9am SYDNEY, 5pm TORONTO)

The episode is A Friend In Deed, and if you haven’t got it on DVD and don’t have Netflix or anything like that, I’ve set up a Veetle stream for the episode.  I’ll be starting it at 10pm GMT – if you click the channel now it will say “Off air” or something but just bookmark it and at 10pm GMT on Saturday, open the link when I say PLAY and it should say that the channel will be available in about 20 seconds.

Now, using this website comes with a slight hiccup – they put an ad at the start of the episode and these ads vary in length, and the file that I’m using has that preview thingy at the start, so I think the best way to do this will be:

– I’ll give you all a heads up about half an hour before start time

– At 10pm GMT I’ll instruct you to press play – this goes for the Veetle streamers and also if you have a DVD with the preview, press play now too as we’ll only end up about 20 seconds behind you.

– If you are going to be ready at 10pm with your video ready to go from the first proper scene (which is a very dark shot as Peter Falk’s name appears on screen) then I’m going to do another “PLAY” about 30 seconds after the first one, if you don’t want to end up too far ahead of everyone.

There’s no way for me to get rid of the adverts, I’m afraid, and if I had video editing software I could have taken off the preview at the start but it isn’t that long really.

If that hyperlink up there didn’t work, here’s the full link to copy and paste:

There’s going to be another one of Deano’s brilliant trailers for this month’s #ColumboTV too, so look out for that – I’ve been told it’ll be out on 20th December, two days before the actual viewing.

In addition, we’re going to be running another Top Tweet competition!  I won’t reveal what the prize is going to be, but I’ll just say that you should be following the brilliant Silav, you’ll soon work out what the prize is…

I hope that’s everything – if you’ve got anyone questions, could you please post them as comments on this page? That way I can give you longer answers than on Twitter.

I CAN’T WAIT! Thanks to everyone who’s helped so far with organising times etc, and a big shout out to our main man, Columbophile, the centre of our ColumboTV universe and an all round legend.

Oh and finally finally finally – Daphne is just my screen name on Twitter – if any of you come to follow me during or after this Columbo thing, you should probably know my name is Helen! I don’t mind if you call me Daphne or Helen, Daphne’s my middle name so I don’t mind either way, but I figure you might as well know, haha!

See you all on the 22nd!

P.S. While you’re here, y’know, why not check out our other posts… like maybe the one I did on Columbo a few months ago?


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