Superhero Sunday: David Weir

Tonight is the night that the Sports Personality of the Year award will be given out, and while there are many athletes who deserve recognition, I think that there’s one man who deserves it the most.  David Weir (MBE), or as he’s known by his fans, The Weirwolf (which is an epic nickname), won 4 gold medals in the London 2012 Paralympic games and embodied the can-do spirit and optimism that we felt as a nation during the summer of sport.


David lives in South London with his girlfriend Emily, whom some of us DTSFT girls know from high school, and we think that David is not just a local hero, but a national one too.  During a summer full of outstanding athletic achievements, the Paralympic Games and those who competed in them did a great deal to raise awareness and change the opinion that some people had toward the disabled, by showing the world that they would not let something like a physical disadvantage hold them back from competing on the world stage.

Fingers crossed for David tonight to win SPOTY, but even if he doesn’t win, he’ll always be a superhero to us!  Good luck David!


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