Day 12 of Christmas

Happy 12/12/12 everyone!

OK, now that’s out of the way…

Christmas is a time for Christmas telly, and nothing excites me more (apart from the Christmas special of Downton Abbey) than the Christmas soap specials. We’ve had some spectacular episodes over the years, so I’m dedicating this post to four of my favourite Christmas dramas in Soapland…

P.S. Sorry it’s mega late, just got it posted a few minutes before midnight – leaving things ’til the last minute, story of my life!

4. Alf Roberts Dies, Coronation Street, 1999

This was in 1999, people. 1999. Man, I’m old.

This was one of the saddest Christmas specials I’ve seen. I think it’s because that the death wasn’t as grisly as the others – it was a quiet, somewhat fleeting moment, in the background while everyone was celebrating Christmas Day, which made it all the more unexpected. And everyone loved Alf. He was Audrey’s rock. It was a really poignant moment.


3. Suzy Snaps, Eastenders, 2001

A forgotten Christmas special but for me it was spectacular. Suzy was a scorned ex of Phil Mitchell who had just about enough of him and family’s bullcrap and decided to let rip on practically everyone within two feet of her, and much of it was quite deserved. This was the only clip I could find at such short notice, her tirade starts at about the 3 minute mark:


2. The Reveal Of Max And Stacey’s Affair, Eastenders, 2008

Bloody loved this episode. After weeks of sordid hook ups and lingering glances, Max and Stacey’s affair came to a head after regular sh*t-stirrer Lauren Branning played a DVD of them together in front of the whole family. You could literally cut the tension with a knife and it left me trying to swallow my heart back down into my chest. And who could forget that classic line: “I’LL KILL YOU, DAD!”. Ah, father-son love. There’s nothing like it.

I hope that tree wasn’t expensive.


1. Who Killed Tom King?, Emmerdale, 2006

Emmerdale is my favourite soap ever and I think it’s seriously underrated. The King’s were like the mafia of the Yorkshire Dales: ruthless, manipulative, and all about respecting the family. But things took a grim turn when, at the wedding of Tom King and Rosemary Sinclair, the patriarch was unceremoniously shoved out of a top floor window to his death, which led to numerous suspicions, interviews and online games. Of course the reveal of the killer was shocking and unexpected, as all good whodunnits should be, and ever since then Emmerdale has gone from strength to strength and I can never switch it off.



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