He Could Get It…Bradley Cooper

WHY? With Bradley, the eyes have it. They pop out at you, not like “pools” of blue but something more awesome. Like spaceships. Freakin’ spaceships of blue.

He is one of those rarities in Hollywood in a mould that Heath Ledger, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig and Michael Fassbender fit into. Blonde And Edible? No, fool! Hot And Talented. He can actually, properly, on-the-real ACT (for evidence until you catch Silver Linings Playbook, please see Limitless – an extremely underrated film).

To top it all, he speaks French like a native, can cook, is funny, has a voice so smooth it could make jam, and his middle name is Charles. Not sure why the latter is hot…


One thought on “He Could Get It…Bradley Cooper

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