Superhero Saturday: Bananaman

Howdy folks, time for another SUPERHERO SATURDAY: This week – Bananaman!

For those of you who have never heard of Bananaman, you sicken me.  Like all iconic superheroes, Bananaman has had his own comic strip as well as a TV series, although we have yet to see a feature-length film of his exploits – but I’m holding on to hope, people.

Here’s the lowdown….

Originally a comic strip (which I never read and will therefore just gloss over…), Bananaman revolved around a boy named Eric Wimp – don’t you just love the names in these British comics, such stupid humour, I love it – who has an unusual reaction when he eats bananas…

In his transformation from a soppy little twerp to a fully grown adult, Bananaman’s ripped physique is a testament to the power of a healthy diet.  It’s not enough that this man is saving the world from super-villains while still managing to get his homework done and balance the complexities of being a teenage boy with his duty as a superhero, he’s teaching children the importance of fruit consumption.

Bananaman, we salute you!


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