He Could Get It…Javier Bardem

WHY? It was hard to write the HCGI this week, because I kept looking at the above picture and bursting into tears at his beauty.

He’s who the phrase ‘hubba hubba’ was invented for and is so inherently sexy I want to choke a dolphin in frustration.

It’s hard to pin down exactly what it is about him. Maybe it’s those deep-set eyes, the acting gravitas or the c’mere-so-I-can-pinch-em cheeks.

Fact – he’s not good with technology. That’s cute as hell. Think about it: Javier Bardem asking you for help with an email. Struggling to send it. Typing slower than your gran. Being really, REALLY grateful when you lean over him and press send. But I digress.

In summation, this spicy Jeffrey Dean Morgan (as described by Helen) will only get better with age. Lord help us all.



One thought on “He Could Get It…Javier Bardem

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