Superhero Saturday: DTSFT’s (Brief) Thoughts on ‘Skyfall’

So last week’s Superhero Saturday post was non-existent. Sorry. Totally my fault. I was hoping to do another poll post but the first one…didn’t really do so well. Maybe sometime in the future! But as DTSFT went to see Skyfall last night I thought that that would fit in well with previous SS posts. So we each have some brief thoughts and we will be spoiler free! (I think…)


So, unlike the others, this was my second time seeing the film because I had to see it the week before (boring, work reasons). But this time it was with a packed audience and my girls – infinitely better, even before we get to the IMAX *cough* Wimbledon *cough* screen. Now I’m just going to list 5 things I enjoyed about the film (and not include moments that would be spoilers because that would just be cruel).

  1. Javier Bardem. This man deserves to be a bigger star than he is. True fact. He sizzles on screen and energises everything. Also, when playing scary villains they have to give him weird hair because otherwise he is just too attractive. Don’t believe me? Watch Vicky Christina Barcelona. Then come back.
  2. Daniel Craig’s suits. I read on twitter that someone referred to Skyfall as the best Tom Ford advert since A Single Man. This is both amusing and true. But it’s not just the suits Craig wears – he pulls off knitwear too. I was impressed.  Also, prominent pocket squares with every suit except in one scene. I don’t need to tell you how much that frustrated me.
  3. Ben Whishaw. I would like a film with just Q. I said this yesterday. I would happily watch Q bumbling around the real world, drinking Earl Grey and being socially awkward around women.
  4. Judi Dench is a British icon. She should be in everything. I want her to be a family member and to give her a hug because she is so awesome.
  5. The costumes beyond Bond himself. Jany Temime did a great job. I’m not a massive fan of Severine’s (Bérénice Marlohe) dress (the one that was on display at the Barbican Bond exhibition) or Eve’s (Naomi Harris) wetlook leggings at the beginning, but the rest was great. Particularly the use of braces on Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes). Well done by all.

So now all I have to say is bring on Bond 24.


Here’s what I thought of Skyfall

First James Bond film I’ve ever seen in the cinema, and I loved it!  The opening titles are brilliantly done, and I have to say that even though he is one of my all-time heroes, I was skeptical as to whether Thomas Newman would succeed in writing a score that adheres to the conventions of Bond soundtracks while maintaining his own trademarks (low and middle strings moving in parallel fifths and fourths, bizarre but not unpleasant dissonances resolving into chords that swell like a rush of blood through your entire body), but he managed it – although I have to say there were moments where the films seemed mildly reminiscent of The Dark Knight – especially one of the fight scenes in a high rise building.

But nonetheless, oh god DAMN was this a good film, I loved it – Javier Bardem was a gloriously complex villain with a mission more personal than the other Bond villains I’ve seen, and Daniel Craig…. oh Daniel Craig.  I need to lie down…


  1. Silva feeling all up on James Bond and asking him if he’d “remembered his training”, to which 007 quips “What makes you think this is my first time?” Badass. And hot.
  2. Bond in a black jumper. So simple, yet so effective. Fellas, break out your black jumpers more.
  3. Bond wearing a hunting outfit and wielding a rifle as he protected his ill manor was awesome. I loved the heritage look.
  4. Raoul Silva is such a great villain. Not only was he playful with his wicked schemes, but you also saw a human side of him that really suffered at the hands of M and MI6. Well played, Mr Bardem.
  5. The theme tune was one of the best I’ve seen. It contained clues that didn’t make sense at first, but once you watch the film everything falls into place.


Skyfall, then. Was it ‘The Dark Spy Rises’? Not in my opinion. Was it one of the best Bond films to date? I reckon so.

The acting talent in this film was second to none. Javier Barden, the stand out performance, provided a genuinely scary villain purely by the fact he never shouted. He advanced on me like a snake – albeit a snake with a seriously grisly deformity – slithering his way through London, up Bond’s thighs (no, really) and into my heart.

Judi Dench is a Dame for a reason. Her M was in many ways as stoic and unfeeling as Bond, hanging on to what she knows by tooth and nail and taking no nonsense from anyone. Ralph Fiennes added gravitas to proceedings the only way he can – and he should wear braces all the time.

Lastly I have to give major props to the main man Daniel Craig. Unlike the Bond’s before him, he can communicate so much by saying so little. It could be with a look, an adjustment of his clothes, a non-committal noise or a single word – Craig’s an action hero with substance and a one-of-a-kind actor. Oh, and he could most definitely get it.


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