Style Icon: Gary Barlow

My style icon choice might raise a few eyebrows but seriously, G Bash knows what he’s doing. If you had to turn up every Saturday night for The X Factor, you’d need to find some source of creativity and fun, or else you’d have a Rylan-triggered mental break down and wind up sobbing in a corner eating cod’s roe straight from the tin with a tiny plastic fork.

Gary’s chosen fun outlet seems to be suits, as each week he steps through the giant X Factor doors looking like a certified banger*.

Are the suits tailored? No idea, but they certainly look it (I’m not very knowledgeable about such things. That’s where Sophia comes in).

He’s brave with his choice of attire too, occasionally injecting coloured ties and eye-catching fabrics to keep things interesting.

Yep, Barlow has come a long way from being the peroxide-haired boy-band member having jelly spread all over his rear in the Do What You Like video. Have a gander at some of his clobber below.

As I said on my Twitter, I have dubbed this his “Lord of the Effing Manor look”. Maybe it’s the tie. Or the dog. Not sure which.

I like the not-quite-black shoes here. The two different shades of tartan are a nice touch too, keeping them dark stops him looking cray.

Behold, the pocket square! And he gets props for being brave enough to wear tartan in this colour all over.

And bam – the classic “straight-up black” suit. Brownie points for the buttons on the cuffs and the skinny tie.

Louis Walsh needs to up his game.

*For those not in the know, a banger is, in summation, a really rather good-looking person.



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