Happy Nolan Day!

Sorry it’s a late post, I was at the cinema (I saw Looper – epic, by the way, loved it), but….


The finale was absolutely brilliant, I couldn’t tear myself away from it. So many questions: is Charlotte OK? Did Victoria and Lydia survive that crash? Will Jack and Emily ever get together? Is Fauxmanda really carrying Jack’s baby? Will Conrad ever get his comeuppance? And most importantly – whatever will Nolan wear next???

To keep you all tied over until Season 2 (which has already begun in America, but doesn’t reach our shores until January 2013 – I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!) I picked out something from tonight’s episode (‘Reckoning’) that caught my eye:

Great look, Nolan…but I’m not too sure if the blood goes with it

The trousers and socks combo? Awesome. Even when he’s had the shinola kicked out of him, Nolan still stunts on all of us. Clashing patterns can work very well, if done properly. It’s also a good move to wear a darker pattern with a brighter one.

I’ve had so much fun doing this post throughout the series, and I’ll definitely return when Season 2 begins with your weekly Nolan Ross fix. But until then, I hope you enjoyed it, and here’s to Nolan Ross, the snappiest dresser in the Hamptons!

Until January!



3 thoughts on “Happy Nolan Day!

  1. Aah, I will miss Nolan Days. However I am watching Revenge S2 as it goes out so I am not entirely deprived of Nolan Day goodness. (S2 E1 will be of particular interest, heh.) 🙂

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