My Current Addiction 2

Sophia’s original post has inspired me to write one of my own, particular as there has been a new addiction more or less ruling my life after midnight.  Here are my two current addictions…


I was so reluctant to even look at this website until a few months ago when someone I know linked their Pinterest to their Facebook.  Awesome tips on how to be more efficient and awesome at crafts were appearing on my newsfeed, and I found myself clicking on these links and then getting caught in that classic link-trap that the internet is littered with.

Food and crafts… Pinterest is a good reflection of my life right now

Pinterest is AWESOME.  Check it out if you’re the kind of person who finds themselves staying up late on the internet for no reason, refreshing Twitter and Facebook and waiting desperately for someone to post on DTSFT.  Here’s how it works:  You sign up and create ‘boards’, then click on the categories that you’re interested.  Pinterest has boards on all kinds of things, like crafts, humour, film, food, fitness – sometimes those boards overlap, and you can create boards for all kinds of things.  I currently have four boards on my Pinterest and I think I’m actually addicted.  It’s hard to explain how it hooks you and reels you in but it really does – you see the initial picture of a ‘pin’ with it’s brief description, and you can ‘like’ or ‘repin’ it to read it immediately or later.  Once you’ve repinned it, it’s like bookmarking it on your browser except they’re all in one themed place.  I love it, and I think you will too.


I recently learned how to crochet, after finding that knitting was taking me FOREVER to make NOTHING.  It’s my attention span, it’s just too damn short.

So I learned how to crochet – and it’s much easier than knitting, in my opinion, and as far as I’m concerned it’s more versatile too. In an afternoon, I learned how to make an awesome slouchy hat thanks to this superb video, and since then I’ve been watching videos on Youtube of how to make awesome stuff.

Crochet is really simple to learn and easy to do while you’re just sitting watching television – something I do a hell of a lot of.
I think that Pinterest is enough of an addiction for anyone, so that’s all I’ve got for now!


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