Superhero Saturday: James Bond Theme

So, James Bond isn’t really a superhero. He has no “powers” and some would argue that he isn’t a hero because essentially he has ‘a license to kill’. But he is a British cinema icon. As everyone probably (or at least should) know, this year is the 50th anniversary of Bond and marks the release of the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall.

To mark this occasion I thought it would be ncie to carry out a poll on our little blog to find our readers favourite Bond theme. According to our site we have a lot of subscribers so hopefully *fingers crossed* we can have a high turn-out for this poll. And if it is successful we might try some more in the future. But for now – think and vote!

And don’t forget that one of Daniel Craig’s suits from Casino Royale is currently on display at the V&A’s Hollywood Costume exhibition. Have I mentioned it before? And don’t forget Hannah’s post on the suits of James Bond. They’re great and so is the post.

S x


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