Happy Nolan Day!

As it’s the penultimate episode of Season 1 tonight, I thought it would be a good time to have a look back at some of Nolan Ross’ most fabulous ‘fits from the series.

Here are my Top 5:

5. The ‘I just had my way with a revenge target’ dressing gown

Ah yes, nothing says ‘I’m a billionaire’ more than swooping down a spiral staircase in a dressing gown that looks like it came in a fancy box with tissue paper. This was my very first HND post – in fact, it was this very garment that inspired me to start it in the first place. It definitely deserves a spot in the Top 5.

4. Killin’ ’em in krazy knitwear

It’s a cold world out there, especially when you’re out for revenge, so it’s best to wrap up warm, which is what Nolan has done here. To be honest, I thought he’d still be rocking suits in subzero temperatures, so seeing him in this was a pleasant surprise. I can just imagine him wearing one of these while smoking a cigar and holding someone at gunpoint – hilarious. He should wear them more often.

3. The good ol’ red, white and blue

Nolan has always been one to wear clashing colours, but pretty much every single thing he is wearing here goes together, and somehow it doesn’t look twee. But then again, this outfit (although it is awesome) could be considered a little too safe. Perhaps for next summer’s 4th July party, he could go a bit crazy and break out a pair of these? Or these? Or how about this? Mike Kelley should hit me up. We’ll talk. I got some great ideas.

2. Tied up in a neat little bow

I absolutely loved this when I saw it (which was after I got seriously distracted by him and Tyler kissing……………………………………wait, sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, close brackets). Such a cute accessory for Nolan, and it shows that bow ties aren’t just meant for formal events. Wear one in a different colour or pattern and you’re garden-party ready.

1. Freakin’ whale-print trousers!

You probably knew this was coming. I haven’t really got anything to say about this other than WHALE PRINT TROUSERS, YOU GUYS. WHALE PRINT TROUSERS AND A SAILOR HAT.

Revenge Season 1 Episode 21 (‘Grief’) is on tonight at 9pm on E4.



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