Saw This And Thought It Was Cool

I’m a sucker for pretty things in pretty containers.

So when I saw (via Vogue) that MAC are releasing a Marilyn Monroe collection I’m worried. Because I WANT IT ALL. Even if I wouldn’t wear it. Just cos Marilyn’s on the packaging. I understand that this is insane and I need help. I intend to be…wary/intelligent/careful about it all but who knows! Here’s a pic of some of the collection. I’m in love:

And, on top of that, I just saw that OPI have launched a James Bond range. I was informed by @LydiarghGrace that this was announced ‘forever ago’ but….Vogue only told me yesterday. Or, they told me while I was away and internet-less. (And by told me I mean their Twitter feed obviously.) Here’s the collection – we all at DTSFT are in lust:

(Marilyn collection released in October, James Bond collection released 23rd October.)

S x


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