Happy Nolan Day!

Sorry this one is a bit late, guys. My computer decided to conk out last night 😦 But don’t worry, as promised I have brought you some Nolan-y goodness!

Last night’s episode (Season 1 Episode 18 – ‘Justice’) saw The Hamptons become a Winter Wonderland Warzone and everyone was donning thick coats and scarves. But Nolan Ross had a little something extra.

Oh yeah. He broke out the crazy knitwear.

Even though the pattern is rather questionable, it reflects the kind of quirky, oddball guy that he is and, to be honest, it does look really warm. And I think you can kiiiinda it here, but he was wearing red and blue shirts underneath it, quite like the ones he wore to the Independence Day party. Recycling fashion…smart move, Nolan.

He also donned this burgundy sweater with a waistcoat, which I think he looks great in (sorry it’s a bit dark. YouTube, eh?). The colour suits him.

Now that’s it’s slowly coming to an end, how are you guys finding Revenge so far? I’d love to hear what you think!



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