Emmys 2012: Best Dressed Men

Unlike last year, this year’s Emmys brought a lot of variety in terms of suits, and fortunately there were a lot more hits than misses – which is what DTSFT like to see.

Here are some of the men who scrubbed up rather well on the red carpet:

Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) in Prada

The boy did good with this one. Who would have thought that brown would work so well on a tuxedo? And the patterned tie and matching pocket square add a nice little flourish. This is no longer just a tuxedo. This is an award-winning tuxedo. Congrats on the Emmy win!

Jon Hamm (Mad Men) in Giorgio Armani

Unfortunately Jon Hamm walked away empty-handed on Sunday, but if there was a ‘Best  Dressed Male’ category, he would win it. But would you expect anything less from Don Dapper Draper?

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) in John Varvatos

Love Bryan Cranston. Love the suit. Love Bryan Cranston in the suit. I think the winner for ‘Best Dressed Male’ is a draw between him and Mr. Hamm. They were my favourites.

Zachary Quinto

Like Aaron Paul, Zachary Quinto has proven that tuxedos don’t always have to be black. This shade of grey (shade of grey – that wasn’t intentional) is perfect for the event; anything lighter would have looked too casual.

Damien Lewis (Homeland)

Damien Lewis did it for his home territory by picking up the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series, and he did it stylishly in this classic tux (with a cummerbund, which unfortunately can’t be seen here) and hairstyle…and look, he’s also got a pocket square! He can use it to polish his trophy…the Emmy award, I mean! You guise!

Jimmy Fallon (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) in Lanvin

I haven’t got much to say except he looks fantastic and the tux fits him really well. He looks confident wearing it, too, which is very sexy indeed. I see you, Jimmy!

Jared Harris (Mad Men) in Brooks Brothers

Even more proof that not all tuxedos need to be black. I love this colour; it suits him very well. His partner/wife’s dress is a little distracting, though!

Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men)

Yet another Mad Man in a great suit! Isn’t he gorgeous? However, my only qualms are the jacket (looks a bit too big and long) and that beard – it could do with a trim.

Kiefer Sutherland (Touch)

Three words: Lucky. Lucy. Liu. Not only did she get to stand next to him, but she also got to hear him speak (with that sexy, SEXY voice). His hair, however…he needs to get rid of the ‘just got out of a hedge’ look and stick a comb through it a couple of times. As I said before – if you’re going to do it, do it properly! OK, now that’s 70 words.

Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

As the host of the show, Jimmy Kimmel needed to look his best, and he most certainly did. My fellow DTSFT’er Sarah even wants him as a Christmas present he looks that good! And there’s not a single crease on that tux, not a crease. See what I mean by ‘scrubbing up well’?



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