London Fashion Weekend

Thanks to the lovely people at Bloomsbury Visual Arts, I won two tickets to London Fashion Weekend, so I went there last Saturday with my mum (after getting lost in Waterloo and then, after finding our bearings, having to trek over Waterloo Bridge).

Here’s what I chose to wear (but later regretted – the shoes just weren’t appropriate for traipsing around shops, but luckily I took some comfy flats with me):

Anyhoo, when we got there the place was pretty impressive. There was room after room of pop-up shops from designers such as Holly Fulton, Twenty8Twelve, House of Holland and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as from popular brands like Compeed, Levi’s and Benefit.

With bonus hand, courtesy of Mama Deen

They even had some menswear shops. And you know we ’bout dem suits at DTSFT.

There was a lot going on in terms of clothes, and it was exactly the same in terms of accessories. When we went outside there was a whole area crammed full of jewellery, sunglasses and bags from designers like Kat&Bee and Kate Sheridan (whom I hadn’t heard of, but I’ll definitely be checking out more of their stuff):

My favourite part though had to be Lola Rose. The jewellery was bright, chunky and funky and they had a gorgeous selection of rings (at £25 each!)

It didn’t even stop at buying clothes, there were also a lot of activities. You could have your photo taken at the Canon stall, get a makeover with Elizabeth Arden, attend a ‘fashion talk’ (which we thought we could just stroll into without a ticket but we got kicked out – turned out you did need one), get your hair did at Toni & Guy or even get some chow. The cupcakes in particular (made by Molly Bakes) looked really tasty (I say looked because we didn’t get any – they were £1.50 each). There was even a bar in the Levi’s shop that led out onto a terrace.

And to top it all off, there were a few freebies: we managed to grab a can of Diet Coke (I know. Diet Coke. The stuff that loses its taste as soon as you open it. But it was free sooo…) and Kinder Bueno. They were also selling a bumper edition of Elle Magazine for a quid, so I picked up one of those too.

We wanted to try and catch the Alice by Temperley catwalk show, but it turned out that you had to pay an extra £15 for it *sigh*. We had a lovely day though, it opened my eyes to tons of new and exciting designers and I would definitely love to go back next year – but I’ll make sure I bring more spending money!



4 thoughts on “London Fashion Weekend

  1. Great Post, I went to London fashion weekend too and managed to get into the Alice Temperley show. I have to say it was really good, i’m doing a post on it tomorrow if you want to check out photos from the show 🙂

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