Emmys 2012: Best Dressed Of The Emmys 2011: The Men

Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.”      – Gay Talese, author

As much as I am looking forward to seeing all of the dresses at this year’s Emmys (which take place this Sunday in the States, but you can catch it on 5 USA in the UK on Monday 24th September) I also can’t wait to see what the guys step out in. I know that pretty much all of them will be wearing either a suit or a tux, and they all tend to look the same, but somehow it seems like their personalities come through and their suit takes on a different look. It’s not hugely noticeable, but it’s just enough to make you go ‘Yeah…yeah, I see you…’.

I must admit I reeeeally wasn’t that impressed with how the men turned out in general, but I’ve managed to pick a few good ones. So brace yourselves for a dapperness overload from some of the best suited and booted fellas from last year’s ceremony:

Jon Hamm (Mad Men)

You only need to watch Jon Hamm’s performance as Don Draper in Mad Men to know that this guy was made to wear suits. His tux really suits his broad, muscular frame and he kind of reminds me of the days when men were men and they wore suits and hats and were nothing like today’s unflatteringly tight jeans and deep V-neck T-shirt wearers. His hair could have done with a good comb-through though – if you’re gonna do the whole ‘classic gent’ look, do it properly!

Joel McHale (Community)

A different colour always makes an interesting change in a suit, and The Soup presenter has done just that with a light blue jacket, but to keep it formal he’s chosen to stick to black trousers (and what a good choice it was too). Not many people liked it, but I think it worked.

Kevin McHale (Glee)

He just looks so cute! Everything about his suit is spot on – not much more to say than that! The boy done good!

Martin Scorsese (Executive Producer, Boardwalk Empire)

Hells yeah, Martin Scorsese. Show the young’uns how it’s done. He looks immaculate. And I love his glasses. I quite like men in thick, sort of ’60s CIA looking’ glasses, as my sister correctly put it. Very smart, very sexy. If I was a few years older…it would be so on, my friend.

Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report)

It’s all about the pocket square with this suit. And I’m not sure how it was done, but someone’s gone all origami on that thing. I like it.

Harry Shum Jr. (Glee)

I like the shirt. Covering the buttons makes the whole look very chic and sleek.

The cast of Entourage

‘What A Man’ should have been playing when this lot stepped on the stage. Dayum. Can you imagine them walking towards you in slow-mo with movie-set-style wind blowing through their hair? It would be enough to make me stop eating whatever I was eating (because I probably would be eating if that ever happened to me). Crisp, clean, sharp. Love it. Kevin Dillon (far right) could have picked a white shirt though.

Ty Burrell (Modern Family)

Adorable. And he’s got the perfect accessory to go with it. Do you think he’ll get another one to match on Sunday?

Ed Helms (The Office)

He looks great, from the hair down to the shoes. I do have a bit of a thing for Ed Helms (a sense of humour is very attractive) but even more so when he wears suits. He wears them well. Maybe it’s because he’s tall. I’m surprised he hasn’t won an Emmy for playing Andy Bernard in The Office, because he really should – particularly because of this:



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