If you’re expecting a post where we wax lyrical about Emmenthal and put up a few pictures of Dairylea, then you’ve come to the wrong place, because we’ve got none of that here………OK FINE JUST ONE:


But this isn’t the type of cheese I’m talking about. Oh no. I’m talking about Cheese – as in the yellow bean-shaped, mentally unstable character from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. When I first saw the episode he was in, he made my sister and I laugh so much that we couldn’t breathe, and I think I’ve seen it about three or four times since then. He’s one of my favourite cartoon characters ever, and I hope that, when you watch this clip, you’ll see why.

Unfortunately Foster’s has ended now, and they don’t even play it on Cartoon Network any more (but they do on Boomerang at about 11pm, which I try and catch if I’m not raiding the fridge and/or trawling the Internet), but the maniacal screams and heavy mouth-breathing will live on in my heart forever.



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