Emmys 2012: 5 Shows That (Sadly) Got The Chop

Last time I gave you my top 5 US TV shows that are on at the moment. But now it’s time to have a moment’s reflection on those shows that started off strong but began to lose their fizz and felt the sharp shnick of the TV axe (which apparently is forged from a dying star).

(Sidenote: it was TOTES EMOSH looking up pictures for this!)


This is my favourite TV show ever. There was nothing else like it around at the time: every episode was set out in real time, a day in the life of CTU’s super cool badass Jack Bauer – and I’ll be honest, one of the main reasons why I watched it was because of Kiefer Sutherland. That voice was like melted chocolate, dammit!

Sadly it ended after 8 seasons, but it had a pretty good run, and I think it was best that it ended there because the plots were starting to become a little repetitive. However I’ve loved every minute of it, and, as far as I know, a movie is still in the works.


Another ‘race against time’ show that was axed. I was distraught when it happened, seriously. In my opinion there was nothing wrong with the episodes that I had seen so far: the story moved along at a good pace (apart from all the lovey-dovey scenes, they were stretched out for longer than necessary), it had a great cast (Joseph Fiennes? John Cho?? Courtney B. Vance??? Jack Davenport???? Hello?????), and the concept was mind-blowing. But clearly it wasn’t mind-blowing for everyone and the ratings began to drop, and the show was given the old heave-ho. Perhaps if they had given it more time, aired it for one full season, maybe, more people may have taken an interest.

Will and Grace

Okay. Let me get this out of the way first.

I didn’t really like Friends.

Now wait a minute WAIT A MINUTE! Before you start stoning me, I have my reasons. The humour just didn’t really appeal to me and I felt it was too over-hyped, especially when they had re-runs of the whole thing on E4 (and now on Comedy Central).

I’ve only ever watched – and still do watch – two sitcoms. One was Frasier (LOVE it), and the other was Will and Grace. Frasier ended beautifully after eleven seasons (eleven!) but poor Will and Grace was cut short after eight seasons due to low ratings (and apparently because it was ‘too gay’, which is just ridiculous). The first six seasons were hilarious (so many wicked one-liners), but by the time Season 7 rolled around the humour became forced, and I couldn’t take any of the serious bits seriously. I still watch the repeats on Channel 4 though.


Heroes was genius. It took the idea of superhuman powers and made it a lot more darker and more, well, human. What I loved about it was the fact that the characters were realising their powers for the first time, and that we got to experience it with them. Also, the characters weren’t limited to one section of society: they weren’t all gorgeous high-school kids or successful businessmen and women, they were from all walks of life: a politician, a cop, a painter, an office worker…you could kind of relate to them. And who could forget Zachary Quinto as the deliciously twisted Sylar? I wonder if he took a degree in Horology?

The first series was fantastic (and the pilot was Emmy-nominated) but after that things went downhill. They included too many new characters and it was hard to keep up, not forgetting the fact that they literally played up to every Peter/Nathan shipper’s fantasy, which was enjoyable at first (that’s right, I ENJOYED IT) but they overdid it and it quickly became cringey. Do you hear that, Tumblr? Not all ships sail!

Prison Break

You know when you get a nice big medium rare steak and hack it to bits with your knife so all the blood oozes out before you eat it? That was what Prison Break was like. It was a real meat ‘n’ blood fest of a show. Nothing was off limits. And I mean, nothing. Michael and his brother weren’t trying to get out of prison. They were trying to get out of hell.

But watching someone trying to get out of hell more than once can get a bit boring. The third season was okay and they did try to add a new spin on it by placing Michael in a Mexican prison, but Season 4 was reaching. I think if they had kept the show to just two seasons, or even one, it would’ve been better.



2 thoughts on “Emmys 2012: 5 Shows That (Sadly) Got The Chop

  1. You have great taste in shows as I watched all these religiously except Will and Grace. Flashforward was axed way too early, but i think 24 ran its course. I also must say that once they crew was out of prison, that show just seemed to get worse. I also think Heros got a little to weird once all the characters were running around.

    • Thank you Derek!

      You’ve made some good comments. I think 24 tried to add something new to Season 8 by setting it in New York and adding new characters, but underneath it all it was still the same story. I thought Season 2 of Prison Break was quite strong, but I do think that if they stuck to one season it would have been better. Some TV shows tend to drag things out unnecessarily. And even if, like me, you’re not really into sitcoms, I think you’ll like Will and Grace.


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