Superhero Saturday: ‘The Great British Bake Off’

Yep. That’s right. It’s a Superhero Saturday post about The Great British Bake Off. Have you seen what they make? I think they’re superheroes. And that’s not just Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (who have the best names as well).

Sue, Mary, Paul and Mel

So, if you haven’t watched any of the show, it’s in its third series. I somehow missed the first series…but there were only 6 episodes compared to series 2’s 11 and this series’ 16! (I think this includes some masterclasses with Berry and Hollywood and a “look back”.) Essentially, it is a baking competition between amateur home cooks. Now, I say amateur because that’s what they’re called and they call themselves but when you see some of the final products…better than supermarket sales.

There are key factors in making a show like this work, and it isn’t just that it’s a ‘cooking show’. We have thousands of those. And I enjoy watching a cookery show as much as the next person (particularly at Christmas) but cookery competitions…reminds me of Masterchef the old years. I’m sort of done with it all. But not here!

The judges are great. They are bakers themselves, have spent years establishing careers and reputations and are always fair. Their comments may be critical but when you see the results of most of the challenges, you see that they have to be. Saying that, they were softer with criticisms on Junior Bake Off and that was another great thing to see. The criticisms are never spiteful, just to the point. And very…’British’.

And I love Mel and Sue, the presenters. I remember watching their early shows and their camraderie has always been fun and entertaining. They are involving to the audience and communicative with the bakers, but without being ‘chummy-chummy’ or overly irritating. At least, not to me.

And then there’s the bakers. Every series you end up with favourites. Just like in a superhero team like the X-Men and the Avengers (I’m linking superheroes in here) and so far I’ve got quite a few, but it’s only on the third episode. My current favs are James, Stuart, John, Brendan and Cathryn. I don’t know if any of them will win, I don’t know if I’ll still like any of them in seven/eight weeks time. But I know I’m going to enjoy watching and wishing I could bake like that.

Don’t you think there’d be fewer superhero battles if some nice cake was just given? Would solve a lot of problems and save on the mass clean up that inevitably needs to take place.

So, think about what cakes/breads/tarts Loki would like and buy one or both of the accompanying books. (Every cookery show needs a book. But I’m not knocking these. I’ve got the first one and just ordered the second.)

S x


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