Don’t Be A Mug: Part One

So, this is almost an extended Saw This And Thought It Was Cool but also effectively idea theft from my friend’s blog. Hers has included posts on nail art, swimwear and cakes, so I’m beating her to a mugs one.

As a household we are…hot drink drinkers? Meaning my parents drink tea and coffee but I just drink coffee. I used to drink tea and not coffee, stopped drinking tea and then, via a long-winded boring story about a work meeting, started drinking coffee. But I’ve always liked “collecting” mugs. My parents have their sets – very strict likes and dislikes and I can tell that, my Dad in particular, can’t wait ’til I move out and take my ‘out of collection’ mugs with me.

I’ll start this with some of my current mug owns:

This was my first solo mug purchase when we visited Agatha Christie’s house Greenway for my birthday two years ago. I wanted a Poirot book. But…not sure I made the right decision bookwise. I still love it though.

So, we’re at Greenway and my Dad picks this up. To buy for himself. It remains wrapped up for months. I forget. Guess what one of my Christmas presents is? Never has a brunette been so blonde.

A trip to Forbidden Planet for birthday presents for friends. Had to come out with something for me. It took a fair while to decide on just one.

The mug I got from Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights after my Reading Spa referenced here. The other side: “Mrs Dalloway said she would buy the books herself from Mr B’s” ‘Mrs Dalloway’ re-written.

And then, I started searching online for other mugs I’d like. Bad idea. There are TOO MANY. I don’t care about keeping a set style. I don’t care about everything being mis-matched. I’m interested in too many things and can find way too much joy in the mugs so why not? I’ve tried to organise them to make quick scrolling through much easier. Be warned, I’m hoping the other DTSFT can get involved (hence, my optimistic Part One of the title). Then there’ll be LOTS of scrolling through. Never would mugs get so much internet attention.

In alphabetical order then, cos I’m sad like that.

Agatha Christie:

One of my favourite Agatha Christie books. THIS is the mug I should’ve bought at Greenway. Curses! At least, until ‘Five Little Pigs’ has an official mug.

Although I don’t necessarily love this book, the title reminds me that this was one of the first Marple episodes I ever watched and revived my Christie love. Also, it’s a cool Penguin Books style.

It’s a moustache mug. WIth a bowler hat. I love it.

What’s not to love about this mug? It’s literary hilarity. I want it.

The Avengers:

So, second Avenger mug has to be Captain America related. It just has to. And Bucky for good measure.

And then I’d need a Thor mug. For a better range of Avengers mugs go to Forbidden Planet. Or even HMV. Last I checked they had a fair range too.

Back to the Future:

Now, I know I’m yet to do a post on ‘Back to the Future’ but I will do it. For the time being I need this mug. Or a DeLorean. Or, you know, both.

I like things that aren’t too obvious. To a non-‘Back to the Future’ fan this mug would make no sense, to a fan you’d get excitement.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel:

My Buffy the Vampire Slayer love was the first fandom I experienced. I’ve had on/off periods with the show since then but my love of the show, and the characters, remains. I’ve also got into podcasts because of the show. One of my favourite podcasts even has their own mug. If you’re a fan of the show or are interested in watching please check out potentialcast – an intro cast to the show.

This is a mug like the Biff one (It says: Sunnydale High School. The future is ours!). Not too obvious for non fans. But for fans, it sums up the show.

“The Bronze. It’s the only club worth going to around here. They let anybody in, but it’s still the scene. It’s in the bad part of town.”

We like out acronyms here. So does BtVS.

This drawing is from one of my favourite ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ episodes “Hush”. I would say that this is probably not a mug to take to work. Depending on your workplace. But it is hilarious. If you’ve seen the episode you’ll understand. There used to be a tote bag with this image on it. I might make it myself.

A bit of an in-joke within the series.

Another in-joke from the show (‘Angel’ this time) that I can’t help but find hilarious. If you’ve seen it you’ll understand.

This is the team of Potential Cast. This illustration was only done in the past few months so if you’re just starting the podcast they’ll mention it sometime in the future!

The Gilmore Girls:

Luke’s Diner is THE place in Stars Hollow to get your caffeine fix. That’s good enough for me.

The Dragonfly Inn. Lorelai and Sookie’s Inn. A step down from the coffee at Luke’s but it’s gotta be pretty good if Lorelai runs it.

The Great Gatsby:

One of my favourite books. In mug-form. In Penguin Books mug-form.

An interesting mug for ‘The Great Gatsby’. I’m not sure if I like it more or less than the Penguin Books mug.

Marilyn Monroe:

It baffles me that I don’t own this mug. It actually baffles me.

I love her.

Sherlock Holmes:

Penguin Books for Sherlock Holmes.

This mug unlocks with heat. I have never had a “magic” mug. And this one would be perfect.

So we all know that Cumberbatch has been acting like a bit of an idiot at the moment but I still love him as Sherlock and Freeman as John. And these fan illustrations are so cute!

Veronica Mars:

The beginnings of it all.

If you want to be a Private Investigator working for your Dad wouldn’t be a bad place to start. If he was a Private Investigator. And ex-Sheriff.

Having pirates as a school mascot would definitely lead you to believe that something’s not right there.

The Wizard of Oz:

I think this one might be my favourite ‘The Wizard of Oz’ mug.

I don’t think there can be too many The Wizard of Oz mugs.


This mug just reminds me that I need to watch more Woody Allen films.

Because who doesn’t love ‘Gremlins’ at Christmas?

I would probably never use this mug properly but I would like to have the option.

I suggested the Truffle Shuffle t-shirt in a previous Saw This And Thought It Looked Cool so it seems appropriate to have ‘The Goonies’ mug in here. “Goonies never say die!”

Sort of vintage-y. About coffee. It’s great.

Pin-up girls. On mugs. Incredible. To make the morning just a bit more interesting.

Anyone have any mugs that they love/want to own? Any that I’ve disastrously left out? Anyone think I’m just insane?

S x


5 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Mug: Part One

    • It was available from but it is currently out of stock – I’m sure they would be able to tell you if they’re getting any back in stock!


    • Sorry, I just found a picture of the mug online so I don’t know if or where it’s for sale. Try asking some Sherlock fan websites? Sorry!
      S x

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