Happy Nolan Day!

I’ve named today’s post ‘The Red Edition’, for reasons that are…well, obvious.

Noly-Nols looks great in any colour, but he looks freakin’ awesome in this bold shade of red (and red just so happens to be my favourite colour, what a coinkidink!).

This pic is from the ‘Fire and Ice’ Party, i.e. Emily and Daniel’s engagement party, which we caught a glimpse of in the pilot episode (and the name is quite fitting since the scene was full of heated arguments and frosty attitudes). It appears that N. Rozay has gone for a bit of fire and ice himself by cooling down that blazing blazer with an icy white shirt and trousers. So he looks smokin’ hot and cool.

Okay, okay, I’m done with the hot and cold jokes, please don’t log out. Here, let me melt your hot heart with a cool island song…

They were unable to contain their horror when they found out Victoria Grayson had asked X Factor contestants Abbi and Lisa to perform for them

Check out Rossy Ross’ red shoes, everyone. So cute. I wonder what would happen if he clicked his heels together three times?

Revenge Season 1 Episode 13 (‘Commitment’) is on tonight at 9pm on E4.


P.S. When asked if he would ever wear a red suit, Gabriel Mann answered ‘Of course!’. Here’s hoping.

P.P.S. Remember that cool island song I promised you before? Here you go:


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