Superhero Saturday: Iron Man

So this week’s Superhero Saturday is based on Iron Man. Why? Because two days ago it was reported that Robert Downey, Jr. has injured his ankle while filming Iron Man 3. Hopefully he’ll recover soon and hasn’t done any permanent damage to his ankle. All the reports seem to be positive though and it’s just figuring out when he’ll be able to return to filming (which started late May).

The first appearance of Iron Man. Wearing a suit similar to his first suit in ‘Iron Man’.

Everybody seems to be in agreement that Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark so he IS Iron Man. He is completely believable in every aspect of the character and the role has done no shortage of good for his career. Having never read Iron Man comics my knowledge of the character comes from the films and, particularly, Downey Jr.’s portrayal. There is a very thin line between being arrogant but likable and being obnoxious. For me, Ryan Reynolds fell into the latter category in Green Lantern and was the main reason I didn’t like the film. You need to have some kind of attachment to the lead character. Not hoping thinking that they deserve something bad to happen to them. Stark is wealthy, extremely intelligent, handsome and everything seems to come easily for him. Obviously this would lead to some development of a huge ego. But then you throw in the loss of his family and he becomes more relatable. And then his dry sense of humour. I defy anyone to not find him charming.

This is Iron Man’s second appearance and the first appearance of the now iconic red and gold suit.

From what I’ve researched about the comics, his character in the films remains fairly faithful to that of the comics. In the same way that Thor is close to comic-book Thor, if not Norse legend Thor. The changes made in the film were to do with story placement and attempting to cement a single origin story from a character whose origin story regularly changes in the comics. I haven’t seen drastic criticisms of that yet so…I assume it’s all good.

If all goes well and everything is filmed and edited on schedule, Iron Man 3‘s release date is set at 3 May 2013. The Avengers 2 has recently been confirmed to be written and directed by Joss Whedon ( we at DTSFT HEARTILY approve – as does the world) and has a release date set for 1 May 2015. As far as is known at this point, Downey Jr. hasn’t signed a new contract and is not contractually obliged to appear in any Marvel films beyond Iron Man 3. Let’s hope he signs on soon.

S x


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