Saw This And Thought It Was Cool

Another one of my shopping list STATIWC posts. A literal one this time. Because I’ve just bought them both. If I had more money I would get more. But my bank balance is crying as it is.

My favourite thing today:

This is from the Esther Williams range – I LOVE her and now plan to watch everything she’s ever been in. It’s from For Luna and their site is incredible. Visit.

This was bought because apparently swimming pools in Italy make you wear swimming caps? And my Dad will be when we move. (Our new house has a swimming pool – I know, I live in England – and this is his “rule”.) So if I have to have a swimming cap, it’s going to be retro. Obvs:

This is both beautiful and horrendous, right? And totally mixing eras with this 1930s cap worn with a 1950s swimsuit. I’m daring that way. If anyone is interested this is from Fine Saratoga.

Now I just want everything retro inspired, whether it’s bought or I make it. NONE OF THIS IS CHEAP, DAMNIT! Now my stropping is over, I’m going to cry at the state of my bank balance. Until the swimsuit appears.

S x


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