Red Carpet Watch: ‘Total Recall’

So as behind as I was for The Bourne Legacy I was even further behind for Total Recall. Which is a film that…I am still undecided as to seeing. It looks pretty cool but I’m not hooked. The last film I wanted to see was a massive disappointment (that’s right, The Bourne Legacy I’m looking at you) so maybe I should go into a film with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised. Regardless of that, here are pretty people wearing pretty things at swanky occasions.

28th July Los Angeles Photocall:

So, we’ve got Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman. And they all look pretty good. Cranston looks very debonair and I like the grey suit with light purple shirt – keeping the cool colours together. Biel, not a big fan of, but has been making some excellent fashion choices recently (my personal favourite) and looks great here in Oscar de la Renta. Bright lipstick, classic shaped dress with some interest added through sparkles and lace. And all in a nude colour so that it’s not too dressy for a day event. Farrell looks very smart cash. I approve. Beckinsale looks much more demure than Biel but then finishes the Dior outfit with patent red heels. Those are my favourite. Wiseman looks a little too dressed down. Great shirt but worn with navy cargo trousers and trainers. Not feeling it.

1st August LA Premiere:

A very different look for everyone for the Los Angeles premiere. Biel’s dress is very feminine and 1950s inspired (very “New Look” from Christian Dior Couture), but just when you worry it might be too soft you see those shoes (Louis Vuitton). That hint of danger with the silver metal tips – brilliant. And look at the dress’ pockets! Personally, I don’t really like Beckinsale’s dress from Armani Prive. It’s all a bit try hard for me – try to embody a modern-day femme fatale. Standing next to your director husband…Wiseman on the other hand looks great. Nice toned down grey suit, shirt and tie. A nice change from black. Although, Farrell looks very good in a black THREE-PIECE suit (you can just see the waistcoat, it is there). Skinny lapels, thin tie, slim cut trousers. And the tie is maroon. I love it.

3rd August New York Premiere:

This Elie Saab dress is beautiful but…maybe it’s the lace shawl. It’s all a bit too lacy and pretty for my liking. I like the slight edge from the pointy, snake-skin stilettos though. Maybe no shawl? Or something more daring with the make-up or clutch? Or am I just being pernickety?

13th August Berlin Photocall:

Now…I don’t really love any of this. I prefer Farrell’s top to the t-shirt at the LA Photocall (he’s pretty much wearing exactly the same other than that). And I like the girls’ turquoise shoes but…not a big fan of the dresses.

13th August Berlin Premiere:

This is more like it. Everybody looks great. I particularly love Beckinsale’s 1940s feel Naeem Khan dress. Reminds me of a dress Scarlett Johansson wore and that’s never a bad thing. (The feel of the dress. Not the actual dress.)And Biel’s Elie Saab dress is stunning. Daring, but demure and would be overpowering if she hadn’t left it alone in regards accessories. Farrell and Wiseman both look good in their grey suits. And different. Not matchy-matchy. Always a bonus.

15th August Dublin Premiere:

Another collective win. Beckinsale looks great in a floor-length satin Donna Karan. Exquisitely cut so that it drapes beautifully but is still structured at the top. Bravo. And Biel’s yellow Zac Posen is another winner. Not an obvious colour choice but the patterned material and the detailing at the bust just make it work. Plus those Manolo Blahnik shoes. Farrell is completely in Dolce and Gabbana and somehow the stipey tie and checked suit work. Don’t ask me how. Then Wiseman’s there playing back-up to Beckinsale’s dress. But it’s still a nice suit.

15th August Dublin After-party:

Dolce and Gabbana for the after-party. Cos you would if you could.

Another after-party change. And showing the best use of a husband. To carry your discarded dress.

16th August London Premiere:

More greys for the men. And sticking with that hue Beckinsale in black and Biel in white. Beckinsale’s Donna Karan dress is incredible. It has structure, bows, sequins, a thigh high slit. But it all works together. Good move on the plain shoes and no jewellery though. Biel’s Giambattista Valli shirt, skirt and belt is all over the place but I kinda love it for that. It makes sense that they are separate pieces though. A lot of sense. And I like the coral shoes to punch in some colour.

S x


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