Red Carpet Watch: ‘The Bourne Legacy’

All of my other RCW posts have been about one specific event. Now, being away for a while, things have backed up so this one is going to be a bit of a collective The Bourne Legacy one.

So, first off, we have the Rome Photocall on the 17th July. So here is Jeremy Renner looking…Rennerific:

Grey suit with a dark blue shirt. Renner should always wear some shade of blue. One of the best things in ‘The Bourne Legacy’ was his navy blue suit.

Then there’s the Madrid Photocall:

Renner must have been reading our post because he’s kept it smart cash for this photocall. More navy blue – love – and worn with jeans. The jacket, Lanvin darling, is beautiful, particularly the lapel detailing. I would wear this. I don’t know where, but I would.

The New York Premiere 31st July:

Gucci suit. Blue tie. Blue pocket square. Impeccable. I need say no more.

Very structured grown-up Dior dress. Love it. It also has pockets. I love pockets. And there’s red lipstick and red nails. Hell to the yes. Less sure of the shoes. I like bows but…with clear plastic and running up and down the shoes…I don’t know.

Dark grey striped suit with a thin black tie. Very subtle. He definitely looks great here.

The Sydney Premiere on 7th August:

Because Robert Downey Jr. isn’t the only person who can make an entrance.

Double-breasted D&G suit with cutaway. Very striking and yet subtle all at the same time. Well done, Mr Renner. This one might just be my favourite.

There had been rumours of a London Premiere, which I’m disappointed didn’t happen, but I think the change of film release date may have had an impact…who knows.

Saying all of this, these premiere photos are the best thing about The Bourne Legacy. As a group, DTSFT went to see the film. We were universally unimpressed – check our twitter feeds if you don’t believe me.

But Renner, we still have faith in you.

S x


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