Happy Gabriel Mann Day!

Yeah you read that title right.

Today’s post isn’t about the stylish dude in Revenge, but the stylish dude who plays the stylish dude in Revenge.

As I’ve mentioned before, Gabriel Mann used to be a model, and it’s not only pretty obvious from some of Nolan Ross’ outfit choices, but also from some of his own. And let’s not forget his angelic features and luscious golden hair. I love his hair. It’s awesome. I could write a sonnet about it. I want to braid it.

Unlike his on-screen alter ego, Gabriel’s fashion sense is a lot less cartoonish and more subtle, but you can still tell that he knows what he’s wearing.

Here he is at the GANT rugger store opening (which looks amazing, by the way) with its creative director Christopher Basin. He’s got the smart cash/cazj look spot on (LOVE that shirt) – maybe he’s been reading our blog?

And let’s not forget the hair, readers. Glorious.


This was at an Armani Exchange event (the guy on the right is Connor Paolo, who plays Declan in ‘Revenge’). He done hit a home run with the smart casual look again here, and the style of that T-shirt/sweater (can’t really tell) keeps the outfit interesting: it’s not just a standard starch collar, although that would’ve worked too.


And yet another brilliant T-shirt/sweater. The bold colours are kind of Nolan-y and they really stand out against the black trousers and blazer. So simple. Love it.


Mann Man, his hair is so cool! It’s all flipped. Again this outfit is wonderfully simple, and he’s kept it smart cash by losing the shirt and wearing trainers. All that plus drank in dat cup (which could be apple juice, since he has a penchant for it) and he’s ready to partay!

N.B. The top is see-through. Just wanted to bring that to your attention.

Catch your Mann in Revenge Season 1 Episode 12 (‘Infamy’) at 9pm on E4 tonight.



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