Superhero Saturday: Villain Edition

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned villain, and here are some of our faves:


Gaaargh oh my god this guy was SO. SCARY! As soon as I heard that voice…*shudders*

Not many movie villains freak me out, in fact NONE of them have, until I saw your boy up top in The Dark Knight Rises. I won’t give anything away if there are some of you who haven’t seen it yet, but what I will say is that he will definitely leave an impression on you and he is one of my favourite villains to date.


I really enjoyed the X-Men movies, so when I found out that a prequel was going to be made (X-Men: First Class) I really hoped that it would do the much-loved comic-book characters justice like its predecessors. And boy did it deliver, especially in terms of the genius casting of Michael Fassbender as metal-manipulator Magneto. He hadn’t quite transitioned into his alter ego fully in the the film, but he was still dark, mysterious and brooding, and rather nice to look at, too. And with the sequel, Days Of Future Past, on its way, I’m looking forward to seeing Magneto in full-on villain mode.

Dr. Crane/Scarecrow

Why are all the bad guys so beautiful?! Like Bane, Dr. Crane/Scarecrow scared the hell out of me in Batman Begins. I think it was because he never showed any emotion; you never knew what he was thinking, or what he was about to do. He messes with your mind, man! I also loved the fact that he kept committing people to an asylum when it was him that was making them cray in the first place. I mean, being able to turn people’s minds against themselves? That’s scary.


Okay, twisted confession time. I totally dug Sabretooth’s fangs and claws. Oh yeah. He knew what he was doing with those things.   Man can turn a Cheestring into strips in seconds with those things. He could mow grass with those things. I also thought that there was some great acting involved from Liev Schreiber, and he was quite frankly the best thing about the whole film. A new Wolverine film is on the way, and I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing Sabretooth again, but I sincerely hope so. I need to scratch that itch, if you know what I mean (Geddit? Scratch? Claws? Yeah?)


I don’t need to tell y’all how awesome Loki was in Marvel Avengers Assemble. He was the perfect balance of madness, mischief, heart and hotness, and he totally owned the show. And with filming about to begin on the sequel, who knows what he’s going to get up to this time? Hopefully there’s going to be some brotherly reconciliation with Chris Hemsworth Thor, but what I’d really love is this. Yeah, I know. I’m a perv.



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