He Could Get It…Tom Hiddleston

"But it's just so hard. Breaking all these hearts..."

“But it’s just so hard. Breaking all these hearts…”


Fell a bit in love with him after Thor because for me, his turn as god of mischief Loki stole the show. After a couple of nights sitting up on Google for this guy, I discovered not only is he an acting tour de force, but he’s a total sweetie with legs that won’t quit and a voice that can only be described as intimate. And by the way, if you don’t mind a man shoving his big brain in your face on a regular basis, then do check out his Twitter account. Poetry in 140 characters.


5 thoughts on “He Could Get It…Tom Hiddleston

  1. Co-signed by all the DTSFT. Except that @bythesheetstore’s version contains a lot of graphic descriptions of some mildly aggressive and in some cases potentially illegal activities.

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