Happy Nolan Day!

Besides crazy colours and whale prints, there’s one other thing that Mr. Ross does well. And that’s stripes.

Nolan Ross. He Gives Good Stripe™

Big or small, horizontal or vertical, stripes seem to be a firm favourite for the head of NolCorp. But as usual, he cranks it up a notch by putting his own Nolan spin on it (Nolspin?).

I know he’s supposed to be out for revenge and all but he just looks so darn cute doing it I could eat him:

Of course my eyes just zoomed straight in on those ‘Happy Meal’ shoes.

And here’s a stripetastic shirt from tonight’s episode. It’s not exactly obvious but it’s definitely stripey (thanks again to @thatmissdeen for getting for me).

He looks so peaceful here, doesn’t he? Like a little striped angel… but he’s about to get an unexpected visitor…

Check out his stripe game in the new episode of Revenge, Season 1 Episode 11 (‘Duress’) tonight at 9pm on E4. I’ve seen this episode already (but I’ll be watching it again tonight, ‘cos I’m cool like that) and it’s my favourite so far. You’re in for a treat.



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