Why I Love…90s Music

It’s that feeling of nostalgia that makes me love 90s music – it reminds me of that period of growing up when you didn’t have to worry about what time your next lecture was or whether Linda from Sales likes you or not. It makes me think of lie-ins on a Saturday morning, playing football at break time in Year 6, or even looking out of my mum’s bedroom window just as the sun was setting after dinner.

I’ve stuck a selection into categories that pretty much sum up my experience of music in 1990s – the best era going if you ask me.

Pre So Solid Crew garage

Having an older brother who is insanely into his house/dance music, this naturally rubbed off on me, and so some of my fondest memories of 90s music involve songs like this.

And also this

I’m not going to spout a load of wank on this, I’m not a Chief Rock Critic (this job title exists, by the way. I know, right?) but a few artists have since tried to emulate this type of music, and I find it works very well. Observe the following:

Azealia Banks – 1991

Ignore the lyrics if they’re not your thing, but it’s lovely and summery anyways.

T2 ft Jodie – Heartbroken

This got to number one when it came out. Everyone and their mother were doing the hand movements. The little tinny repetitive noises are proper throwback stuff.

Tinchy Stryder ft Craig David – Where’s Your Love

What can be more 90s than involving Mr Re-e-wind himself?

At the school disco

Then there’s the music that falls under the School Disco umbrella, and under this umbrella comes three types of School Disco tunes: Chartz wiv a Z, The Ones With The Dance Moves Everybody Knows and Slowies.

Chartz wiv a Z

Normally Euro-pop in feel, with lyrics simpler than Roger from Sister Sister.


The Ones With The Dance Moves Everybody Knows

Does what it says on the tin, dude. And it didn’t matter if you couldn’t dance, as long as you were on your feet. But if you jumped the wrong way during Saturday Night it was game over, you jelly sandal-wearing hoochie mama.



The mushy love songs for the couples to slow dance to. And by “couples” I mean the “cutest” girl and boy in the class and by “slow dance” I mean clamp hands firmly on each other’s shoulders/waists and sway side to side while he wishes he was with his mates sliding across the floor on his knees. At my primary school Slowies usually came on at the end of the night to kill everyone’s buzz/sugar high.


Pure effing pop

I was definitely into the gold standard mainstream pop too: Spice Girls, Boyzone (I had their Wembley Arena concert on VHS), 911, Cleopatra, and these guys:

The UK’s answer to the Backstreet Boys if you ask me. Don’t know who 5ive/Five are? Off back to the 70s with you! Most girls were all about Rich or Scott as they were the prettiest, but Abs was my man. MY MAN AND NO ONE ELSE’S DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME??!?!?!?111RPATTZ!!!!

Sorry. I just necked a can of Fanta and E numbers make me crazy.

Hot boy band alumni aside, I think the main reason why 90s music is still special to me is because it made me feel, and still does make me feel, immensely lifted. Anytime I hear Would I Lie To You by Charles and Eddie or Closer Than Close by Rosie Gaines, or even a Discovery/Homework-era Daft Punk it’s a feeling that can’t be beat.

And one more thing –

90s songs that should never have been allowed to exist

Eiffel 65 – Blue (Dah-ba-dee-or-however-the-eff-it-went)

If someone baked me a cake, iced my name on the top, put a massive slice in front of me, then, just as I was about to eat it, swiped it away and roundhouse kicked me in the jaw instead; it would be an experience ten times more pleasurable than listening to this noise.

Scooch –More Than I Needed To Know

Hey. Hey, Scooch? There’s a reason why you bombed at Eurovision you bizarre adult-toddlers.

Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm

I reckon there was someone was stoned out of their tiny little mind when this was written. Actually, if you listen to this song at five minutes past midnight under a full moon, you can smell weed. Seriously.

Daphne and Celeste – Stick You

The gentle musical nuances of this song could easily give Dark Side of the Moon a run for its money” said absolutely no one anywhere ever



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