Superhero Saturday – Spiderman

This week I’m going to talk about Spiderman, and not just the new film but something pretty cool that happened recently to a friend of mine.

But firstly, the film, ‘The Amazing Spiderman.  I saw this a few weeks ago when it first came out and I’ve got to say, I was actually kind of underwhelmed but I enjoyed it.  I loved Sam Raimi’s trilogy, but this is a different creature I think; films these days are leaning more toward darker themes (Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, the latest James Bond films) and superhero comics and films do tackle some serious stuff.  In this film we have a scientist who thinks he has discovered a means for the body to regenerate new limbs and tests it on himself, only to find the results are less than healthy.  As I did with Batman, I’m going to cover in points what I enjoyed about the film and then we’ll get onto the other shizzle.

1) Andrew Garfield is a fantastic actor, and I think he did a great job as Spiderman.  Looks-wise, he is handsome but can totally pull of the ‘nerdy’ look by Hollywood standards.  And the man did his own stunts – his own GODDAMN STUNTS.  So that’s him in the suit, people.  Take it all in, ladies.  His American accent is on-point, and I really rate him as an actor so his performance gets a thumbs up from me!

2) Peter Parker is a bit different in this film – he’s kind of a smart-arse.  Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman never skateboarded through the halls of his school, and he didn’t smack-talk to criminals, but Andrew Garfield’s does.  Whenever I watch a superhero film, I have to admit that my first instinct is to check what my brother thinks – the boy knows his shit when it comes to comics and all that jazz, and he took issue with a few things in this film including Peter Parker’s attitude at times.  So if you’re expecting the totally goofy version of Peter Parker from the previous Spiderman trilogy, think again.  This one’s more of a kind of nerdy-hipstery representation.

3) I know people will hate me for saying this but, well, here goes.
Emma Stone – I don’t get it.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s a fine actress, she’s pretty enough, and she seems to have decent comic timing but despite all that she still seems kind of … meh.  But she has a legion of fans who love her so she must be doing something right, and she puts in a good performance in ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ with some fantastic on-screen (and off-screen, people) chemistry with Andrew Garfield.

She plays Gwen Stacey in this film, so anyone expecting Mary Jane will be disappointed.  I like her better than Mary Jane anyway – from the cartoons I watched when I was little, Mary Jane seemed like kind of a careless idiot, and I think that superhero films are starting to come round to the idea that women aren’t all totally fucking helpless.

4) I love Denis Leary.  There, I said it.  He’s hilarious and his voice is so distinctive, and it’s actually kind of cool to see him playing a role of authority, as Captain George Stacey.  In much the same way as Willem Dafoe in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy, he manages to convey a sense of authority with just a look, and it’s great to see the dynamic between Leary and Garfield in a few of the scenes.  He also comes across as an awesome dad in this, for some reason.  Likewise, Rhys Ifans puts in a great performance as Dr Curt Connors or ‘Lizard’ as he comes to be.  I haven’t seen many of his films, but I’m sure that many people will simply think of him as Hugh Grant’s freaky roommate from the film ‘Notting Hill’.  Er, if you’re expecting anything like that…maybe just brace yourself….

5) Finally, rounding it up to a super sexy 5 things, I’ll end this part on a negative note.
The music is fucking dreadful.  My brother warned me that I wouldn’t like it and I don’t normally like people telling me things like that because I think you should be able to make your own mind up, but he was right to warn me.  I mean, seriously.  There are times where I wondered if they had accidentally spliced the film together with bits of Gone With the Wind or some shit.  So I’m watching it and I’m thinking, “There’s only one composer in Hollywood who is this repetitive and overly sentimental; only one person who seems to think that the purpose of a film score is to distract the audience with an abundance of terrible, looping noise to the point that they want to flee the cinema for fear that they may go insane; only one composer whose music sounds like it was written without even knowing what the film is about or what is happening in the scene”. That man is James Horner.  I am hugely passionate about film music, so I’ve got strong opinions about a lot of film composers and I’ve always had a dislike for Horner’s soundtracks.  This didn’t change a goddamn thing.


Now onto another little story of interest, related to Spiderman.  My friend Stacey Palmer, an amateur alternative model, recently did a shoot in which she recreated the cover from Amazing Spider-Man #601 with photography by Paranoid Android Films.  I think it looks fantastic and clearly, loads of other people did too as it went viral and her Facebook fan-base just blew up overnight.  Such a cool idea, right?

You can follow Stacey on Twitter and on Facebook, and Paranoid Android Films here.


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