Happy Nolan Day!

So here’s the story. I was watching last week’s episode of Revenge (you know, the one where Nolan was caught kissing your friendly neighbourhood hustler Tyler Barrol), when I noticed this:

Oh yeah. Your man is wearing a bowtie. Usually I’m not sure how to feel about guys who wear bowties to anything other than a formal do, but he nails it, and like everything else he wears, it’s just so…him! And also, in true Nolan Ross style, it matches the purple stripes on his shirt (which are a lovely shade of purple, I might add) but the different coloured jacket sort of tones everything down nicely. All this (along with that quite frankly fantastic self-satisfied smile) makes the whole outfit playful while still keeping it smart.

His bowtie brings all the boys to the yard

I hope to see him adorned in more bowties in the future.

By the way, did anyone else really want to see Tyler ever-so-slowly undo that thing while looking dead straight into Nolan’s eyes when they were in the poolhouse in last week’s episode? No? Just me then… *backs away*

Don’t forget folks, Revenge Season 1 Episode 10 (‘Loyalty’) is on tonight at 9pm on E4. It’s gonna be a good’un.


P.S. Shout out to @thatmissdeen for copping dem screencaps!


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