Superhero Saturday: Thor

Superhero Saturday is aimed at having some relevance to the past week (if it can) so I was having a little trouble this week. But then, Danny Boyle helpfully put Kenneth Branagh into the Olympic Opening Ceremony (did you see it? It was brilliant) and then suddenly Thor became the obvious choice.

There was too much excitement when he appeared.

So. Thor. Based on Norse mythology but a bit of research (thank you wikipedia) unearthed some very interesting things about THAT Thor. (Please also bear in mind that I haven’t read any of the comics so my Thor knowledge revolves around the films. This shouldn’t be the case but…it is.) Thor is married to golden-haired goddess Sif (definitely not Jaimie Alexander), he has a mistress called Járnsaxa (don’t ask me how to pronounce that – I don’t know in the slightest) and is RED haired and RED bearded. So far, this isn’t the Thor I know.

The first comic book appearance of Thor in 1962.

Moving onto the comic book Thor (again, thanks wikipedia) and you start to see the Chris Hemsworth Thor we (here at DTSFT) know and love. Thor’s beginnings are not exactly the same as in the film but are very similar and for storytelling purposes are probably better. Thor is banished to earth but, in the comics, this is in the human guise of Dr Donald Blake (Jane’s ex from the film – nice referencing, hey?) with no memory of Asgard until he finds Mjolnir. He has a double life as Thor and Donald Blake, falls in love with Jane Foster (a nurse…) but still spends much of his time fighting Loki. Brothers. What are you gonna do?

That’s Thor. God. Son of Odin. Adopted brother of Loki, the God of Mischief. Played by Chris Hemsworth. Bring on November 2013 and Thor: The Dark World.

[Thor: The Dark World updates: bit of internet research has led to the discovery that, yes filming is taking place in August in London, some will be taking place in Bourne Woods in Surrey (where sections of Captain America: The First Avenger were filmed and isn’t that too far from where we live…), underground tunnels will be used and here’s an article about casting. It’s less funny if I write it.]

S x


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