Keeping It Smart Casual: Variations On A Suit

DTSFT is all about men in suits. We can’t get enough of them. A man in a good suit is a joy to behold, one of life’s many wonders…heck, it’s an art form. Like my esteemed colleague Helen so rightfully wrote, it’s nice to see when a guy has made an effort in what they wear: they make a lasting impression.

But what about when they don’t necessarily step out suited and booted? What if they’re just headed to a premiere or a red carpet event and not the Emmys or the BAFTAs? In short: what are the best ways to dress down when it’s not compulsory to dress up?

So I’ve found some of the most interesting ways that some of our fave guys have kept it smart cash (pronounced ‘cazj’, which is short for casual – an actual dictionary term, by the way…………………….okay, so it’s not, but I thought it was cool):

Lose the tie

So simple, yet so effective.  Not wearing a tie can instantly dress down a suit, but keeps it looking smart – and fresh to death boiiii. Check my man Jeremy Renner:

‘Cool as hell’ sunglasses are optional

 Lose the shirt

Woah, woah, woah! That’s not what I meant! Sorry Dmitry, that’s a nice nipple, but I meant replacing your shirt with something else. Like a T-shirt. I think that T-shirts have a risk of making the whole outfit look far too casual, but if you wear it with a smart jacket and trousers, it can look spot on. Right, Chris Hemsworth?

Why, Thor, your Midgardian garments look most on point

Add a waistcoat

Instant smart cash. And they look so cute too. And going back to what was said before about actually making an effort: they take the time to actually put it on and button it up. Think about it – that’s hot! There’s something quite ‘old school gentleman’ about them too, and who doesn’t love an old school gentleman? Someone who opens doors for you and offers you a drink, who gives you the cigarette that you smoke and helps you with your coat…treat her like a ladaaaayyyyy…

Sorry, getting ahead of myself there. But you catch my drift.

Got dat waistcoat steez on lock

Wear a cardigan/jumper

I don’t think this is done often, but it should be. Jumpers and cardigans are so cute and just finishes off an outfit, and they’re also extremely comfortable. And if they’re worn in a colour other than black, then that’s even better. For proof, I present to you Exhibits A and B:

Why, Heimdall, your Midgardian garments look most on point

DTSFT. ‘Nuff said.



3 thoughts on “Keeping It Smart Casual: Variations On A Suit

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