Style Icon: Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa. Sanaa, Sanaa, Sanaa. With her sensual curves, warm brown eyes, bright smile and golden complexion, she is my ultimate girl crush. And not only is she a magnificent actress (she was in ‘Love and Basketball’, ‘Contagion’ and the 2009 theatre production of ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’, which I had the absolute pleasure of seeing and she was just brilliant in it), but she is one of my favourite style icons. She tends to go for colour quite often (and she looks great in any colour) and always makes dressing-up look effortless.

As Maggie The Cat in ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’

Ah, she is a goddess! I just want to take her out for afternoon tea. But before I get ahead of myself and book a table at Harrods Allders unnecessarily, here are some of my favourite looks (which, I must admit, were hard to choose from, there were so many):

Sanaa was MADE to wear red. I just love the shade of this dress and length of it too. The style is very daring, but Sanaa has so much confidence (and hot boobs) that she can pull it off flawlessly. Her earrings set off the whole outfit nicely, holding their own without taking the attention away from the dress, and really, it is all about THAT. DRESS. I feel that this tends to be Miss. Lathan’s trend: letting the dress do the talking by accompanying it with simple, smart accessories.

Remember me saying that she was a goddess? Well, this just confirms it. White looks so beautiful with her skin tone, and again, simple jewellery finishes the look perfectly. I love her hair in this look too, really understated and classy. And although the cut isn’t as dramatic as the previous one, it still shows off her assets. That’s another thing about her style, she either shows off her bust or her legs, never both, which is so much sexier.

Now here, Sanaa’s done something for which the technical term is ‘switching it up’. I’ve developed a liking for jumpsuits (even though I only own one – I’m skint right now) and I just love this one, especially the royal blue colour (and look, her eyeshadow matches – cute!). It’s a wrap-around style, which compliments her shape and accentuates those curves, and her tumbling black locks give the whole look a laid-back feel without making it too casual. I’m not sure what shoes she’s got on though, but I’ll bet all the change in my purse (£1.06) that they’re banging ones.

Well hello, Miss. Yellow! Yellow, if done right, can look beautiful on black skin. I adore the style of the dress: there are enough things going on to keep it interesting and not cluttered. The belt gives her a nice shape, and the contrasting peep-toe shoes are just genius. And this time the pins have come out to party – and what lovely toned pins they are, too (yeah, my girl crush is serious).

And the colours keep coming! This dress is a lovely shade of orange and the style is so simple, but she’s vamped it up with dark red lipstick and dramatic earrings. There’s something very ‘Old Hollywood glamour’ about her hair here, too. I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t reveal anything, but she still looks extremely sexy. The arms are out, though, and she’s got some hot arms.

In this one, the dress is so cute, but it’s all about those shoes. Those shoes, those shoes, THOSE SHOES! Killer red stilettos with an LBD NEVER fails, and her matching nails and iconic red lipstick keeps the whole look together.

*sigh* I could talk about her all day, but I think this’ll do. Keep doing what you’re doing, Sanaa, because whatever it is, it’s working.



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