Red Carpet Watch: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ NY Premiere

So, Red Carpet Watch is off and running. Sort of. The biggest red carpet news is from the world premiere of The Dark Knight Rises which took place last night in New York.

So, from this glamourous photo there is a lot to appreciate. There. Are. So. Many. Suits. This is what happens with a largely male cast. (Everybody remember The Avengers‘ premieres? Oh, and Avengers Assemble. Sorry.)

Now, Marion Cotillard and Anne Hathaway. I’m really unsure. I think I like Cotillard’s dress more than Hathaway’s. But I don’t think I love it. I know that I dislike her shoes. There’s just too much going on with the shoes and the skirt of that dress. I think I could like Hathaway’s dress if it didn’t have the diamante panel at the front.

Morgan Freeman and Christopher Nolan. I like both the suits but I LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s. Since Inception I think the world has realised how good he looks in a suit. There’s no bad suit there (good job Jeffrey Kurland). The trousers are well cut slim fit and the thin lapels are reflected in his thin tie. Just brilliant.

Then there’s Christian Bale and his wife. I’ve never been a huge fan of Christian Bale beyond accepting that he is a brilliant actor. But here he’s wearing a three-piece suit. I have a real soft spot for a beautiful three-piece suit. And this fits the bill. And look at his old fashioned tie! It’s all just perfect. Very Bruce Wayne classy. And I love that his wife has got a leather trim on the top of her dress. It is CLEARLY Batman inspired. It just screams Batsuit. But because it is just a ‘nod’ to the character it doesn’t feel too gimicky.

Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley. Now this dress I KNOW I love. The vintage-y print, the shape, the simple accessories. It’s beautiful and yet those black stilettos add a nice vamp touch to it all. This is another great suit on Hardy. As we all know from the photos of him as Bane, he’s a fair bit broader than Gordon-Levitt. His suit here has thin lapels to streamline him but not thin enough to make him look out of proportion. Very intelligent. And the choice of navy blue as opposed to black is also a good move – less obvious.

And speaking of less obvious, the British acting world’s rockstar – Gary Oldman. I almost don’t need words to describe the brilliance of this. You know what? I don’t need words. Look at him! (Less keen on his wife’s dress…I like the principle of it. The statuesque feel is great, I like the pattern clash; I just don’t like the bottom of the dress. But I’m picky. And would never look that good on the red carpet so please ignore all previous remarks.)

S x


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